Who’s Keeping the Stoke Alive?

High fives enthusiastically exchanged, they put on their packs, turned and headed into the pitch black forest. They’d been racing since sunrise and still had 10 hours and countless miles to cover, but their attitude set them apart from the rest.

When I’m having a bad day, I think of Team Green.

When interacting with a store clerk, I remember that moment lakeside in the middle of the night.

When people are falling into the ho-hum, taking-each-day-for-granted-trap, I focus on the energy those Greenies created – even when they were tired, cold and headed into the unknown.

And it makes me wonder…

What if you were committed to keeping the stoke alive?

What if every time you interacted with someone, your challenge was to bring the stoke? To share that energy. Enliven the moment. Brighten the day.

It’s a simple task, but can have profound impact.

Instead of checking your phone in line at the market, smile at the person next to you and say hi.

When the barista robotically asks how you are, respond with genuine enthusiasm. Take a quick moment to share a fun tidbit and ask what they’ve been up to.

Energy is infectious. We can lift people up, be memorably upbeat. Or bring them down, be avoidably droll.

It’s a choice.

Who’s keeping the stoke alive?

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