Mallory Danger Paige | Afraid to Knit

What Were You Afraid of Before?

Before riding a motorcycle-sidecar across North America. Before Danger was my middle name. Before turning strangers into friends and discovering Ecuador on the back of el moto. Before settling in a new town and launching a fresh life. Before giving away everything I owned and living in an old van. Before.

Before all of that I was too scared to even take a knitting class.

Fearing I would suck at it, worried about the embarrassment of failure I wrote it off as impossible.

And then, as a gift to my Mom, I went to a knitting class. Made a bag, a hat, an elaborate owl sweater. It wasn’t as hard as I’d feared, not nearly as impossible as I’d imagined.

Like most things in life, it wasn’t an inborn talent, but a skill. Doing something new didn’t happen magically, but with effort and dedication. I hadn’t been good at it simply because I had never actually tried.

I try to remember this when I find myself subconsciously making a list of all the things I can and cannot do. When I let fear dictate my decisions or limit my experiences.

What was scary before could seem easy tomorrow. What is impossible today could quickly become reality. It won’t be easy or immediate, but it’s doable. It won’t always be fun, but it’s worth asking,

What were you afraid of before? What are you afraid of now that you won’t be in the future?

Nothing is certain. Anything is possible. We get to decide.