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The Limitation List

I used to have a long list of all the things I could not do. A mental document outlining self-imposed limitations.

I couldn’t travel alone. Too lonely.

I couldn’t fix things. Too hard.

I couldn’t go out to eat solo. Too awkward.

I couldn’t camp by myself. Too scary.

I couldn’t learn something new. Too much work.

And then one day I ignored the list. I marched up the stairs, whipped open the door, and sat down. I grabbed that turquoise ball of yarn and I resolutely learned to knit.

It doesn’t sound revolutionary. But it was.

That simple act – looping rough wooly strands over and under, around and around – changed my life. It got me thinking. If this so-called truth – that I was unartistic and incapable of making – was a total lie, then what about the rest of the list? What other impossible things were completely in the realm of doable?

I went out to eat. Sat on the patio. Smiled as people passed by. Savored the tasty freedom. It wasn’t even awkward.

I drove thousands of miles, road tripped too and fro. Sure I was lonely sometimes, but no more so than I was in my everyday life. Lonely existed in the heart, not in act of traveling alone.

And when the latch gave out on that old VW van, I searched online. Watched a video. Fixed it myself. It wasn’t even that hard.

With every micro success, every limitation challenge, the list of impossible grew fainter. Until one day I found it no longer existed. I realized anything was doable, though it would certainly take effort, sacrifices and focused tenacity.

So if you’re wondering how I got to where I am today. If you’re dreaming of adventure and feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all, remember this: You don’t need to jump in all at once. Start small.

I got to where I am today because I worked up the courage to take a knitting class. It’s that small. That revolutionary.

I didn’t jump straight into the deep end, and you don’t necessarily need to either.

But I urge you to question that list. To re-examine the realm of impossible. To say farewell to those pointless limitations and hello to all the untapped possibility in your life.

It may be lonely, scary, awkward, hard work at times, but, I promise you this, it will be oh-so worth it in the end.

This is your life. Get out there and live it.

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