The Beauty of Heartbreak

There is a beauty that lies in having your heart smashed. Crumpled. Broken.

Earth-shattering-sudden-ending broken. Swift-and-deep-unrequited-desire smashed. Tiny-trust-questioning crumpled.

You won’t know it at the time. It will just hurt. And that’s okay.

But at some point you’ll be able to see the beauty.

The beauty of having been loved by someone. Of fearlessly loving them with all your being.

The joy of being open and brave enough to really see someone. Of allowing your true self to be seen.

The education of journeying through a chapter of life with someone. Of shaping each other in countless ways big and small.

It’s tempting to take protective measures. To numb yourself against the breakage. To construct a smash-preventing wall around your heart. To keep your feelings in check, keep people at a distance to avoid uncomfortable crumpling.

In doing that, though, you rob yourself of so much beauty and possibility.

Be brave. Feel things fully. Put your heart out there. Again and again. Despite the hurts of the past. With commitment to the hopes of the future.

Love is a gift.

Give it freely. Accept it graciously.

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