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DIY Necklace Transformation

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As part of becoming a YogaSlacker (remember how I leapt without looking?), I was given a really awesome and unique necklace. The pendant is so neat, but it was hung on a plain piece of cord which just isn’t my style. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to get all DIYer on it and make it into […]

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Tie Dye Shorts

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Do you wear shorts? For the longest time I didn’t really wear shorts because I couldn’t find the right pair. When you have a booty, short shorts don’t work that well, but I also didn’t want old-lady-long shorts – what a conundrum! Well, I finally found the perfect pair of shorts. Go figure that Mossimo […]

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Are You Ready for Summer?

Can you believe summer is here? I’m stunned by it, but so excited! I’ve already been eating oodles of berries and can’t wait for all the other delicious produce to come into season – it’s probably one of my favorite things about this time of year. What’s your favorite part of summer? Whether you live […]

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Make a Hula Hoop!

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Are you as in love with hooping as I am? I took a class a few months ago in San Diego and was hooked immediately. Of course, I then decided I needed to combine hooping and slacklining, which meant the need for more and hoops in different sizes. There are great places online to buy […]

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