Food is so much more than just the basic nutrition that gives you energy. Food is a way to connect, show you care, and express your creativity.

I know that cooking and trying new recipes can sometimes be intimidating, but it’s really not worthy of so much concern. I’ve certainly made my share of charred, yucky, inedible food, and know that it totally sucks when that happens. In an effort to save you the frustration of a not-so-stellar recipe, I only share my favorites that have received rave reviews from other people.

So let your fear fall to the wayside as you try something new, and don’t forget to savor the process, too.


People’s jaws will drop when they find out that you made these gorgeous sugar cookies. They look complex, but are really just a series of lines and dots – you can so do this! Get the detailed instructions here.


I LOVE kettle corn. It’s so easy to make and has the perfect combo of salty and sweet. Get all the details here.


Want to really wow people at your next meeting or get together? Skip the box of doughnuts and bring parfaits instead! So simple, so yummy, so fun. Read the instructions here.


Headed to a party? Need to bring something to eat? I’ve got you covered. These skewers are portable, delicious and served cold. They are an instant crowd-pleaser and will be devoured immediately. Find the recipe here.


Wanna know the best salad ingredient? It’s not lettuce, carrots, or apple (though those are all tasty). It’s candied walnuts. They’ll add a delightfully crunchy and sweet element to any salad. Learn how to make them here.