Creating is about so much more than the finished product at the end. Creating is a way to jump into the Creative Esteem Loop. It is a way to make yourself happier and more self-confident. I know because it happened to me. Once I started making things by hand, my self-esteem and joy increased (and they keep increasing each time I make something!) and I knew that I needed to share this magic with everyone.

These tutorials will catapult you into a handmade life and straight into the Loop.

Take a deep breath, push your fears and doubts to the side, and take the leap into creativity.


These fabric covered boxes are a super fun, no-sew project. In no time you’ll transform a plain cardboard box into a beautiful organizational tool. Get the full tutorial here.


No more staring longingly at embellished clothes, towels, pillows and more. Even if you’re new to sewing, you can make beautiful things with appliqué. Find the detailed tutorial here.


This blanket is beautiful, soft, and easy to make. Great for a beginner because you only have to sew straight lines and there’s no need to worry about properly “finishing” the seams. Find out just how simple it is here.


It starts with pieces of wool and ends in a beautiful bracelet – pretty awesome, right? With this project you’ll get detailed instructions to both needle and wet felt, so you can choose which you like best. Get it here.


Glass etching is so rad. With a template (which I provide for you) and some glass etching cream you will turn any plain jar into a unique beauty. Find the project here.


Don’t let this sparkly dazzler fool you. This is actually one of the simplest projects out there. It’s pretty much like smashing rocks into play-doh – so easy and fun! Get the tutorial here.