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There’s something magical about bumping down dirt roads that are rarely driven. About passing neighborhoods where everyone comes out of their homes to stare in absolute disbelief that anyone – let alone gringos on dual sports – is passing by. About seeing firsthand the natural beauty, experiencing the quickly changing landscapes, meeting the people of these middle-of-nowhere pueblos. That’s Ecuador on bike.

Quilotoa Lake is a popular spot, but on moto the winding dirt road makes the trip feel otherworldly. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see the Lake from above; the clouds parting, giving a clear view of the emerald waters below. You might be tempted to just take a peek over the rim and move on, but the hike down – and even up – is worth the experience.

Quilotoa Loop - Mallory Paige





Quilotoa Loop - Mallory Paige


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