A friend had a baby just recently and I knew I wanted to make something as a welcome gift. I was stuck, though, because I’ve never made a blanket and really didn’t want to spend an entire week working on it. After making my birthday slippers it hit me. A fringe-y flannel blanket was the way to go. Embracing the fringed edges makes the entire project so much faster and easier because you don’t have to spend the time and effort to cleanly “finish” all the edges. Plus flannel is super soft – perfect for a baby blanket!

Begin by cutting your strips of fabric. You can see in the image below the sizes the fabric needs to be cut into. For each size you’ll need two strips of the patterned flannel and one plain (I used yellow, but you could use white or any color you prefer). All of my flannels were 44″ wide, so all of the strips will be 44″ long, but if you have different width fabrics you’ll simply need to trim them all to the same length.


Once cut, layer your strips. Sandwich the plain flannel in between the patterned fabric. Notice that the right side (the print side that you would want to show) is facing out on each side. This is important so that both sides of the blanket look finished with the pattern fabrics showing on both sides.


Take each sandwich strip and sew down the middle. This will hold the strips in place and make the rest of the sewing much easier.


After sewing each strip lay it back out on the floor in the order you want the strips to be in the blanket. This will make it easier to keep everything in order. Take your first two strips and line up the long edges. Sew along these edges with about a 1/4 inch seam allowance.


As you can see you’ll have a side with a raised seam.


And you’ll have a side with a flat seam.


Now get your next strip. Line it up on the flat seam side. Sew along this edge with a 1/4 inch allowance. Be sure to place each new strip on the “flat seam” side as you line it up to sew – this will keep all the raised seams on one side of the blanket. Continue doing this until all the strips are added to the blanket.


As you can see, the raised seams are all on this side of the blanket.


Now it’s time to sew around the entire edge of the blanket, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.


Cut little slits into all the raised seams and the edges of the blanket. This will help it fringe better. Once that is completed, wash and dry your blanket. My washing machine doesn’t agitate very strongly, so I added a pair of (clean) tennis shoes to the wash for added agitation.


Once washed and dried, the edges are softened, fringed and really adorable.


And as you can see here, there is a side with fringe-y seams and one with flat seams.


I’m really happy with the way it turned out and quickly falling deeper and deeper in love with the many uses of flannel.


I can’t wait to give it to the new family and baby. Even though this blanket is small and meant for a baby, I think the blanket design would be great in a larger size for an adult or even as a comforter. What about you – are you in need of a baby gift or just a new blanket? What colors will you use to make yours?

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