Operation Moto Dog

From June 2015 to September 2016 Mallory Paige & Baylor the Dog traveled North America – proving you don’t need to be perfect or fearless to live your dreams.

Short Film & Book Coming in 2017!

My Story

In April 2015 I’d never driven a motorcycle, had little experience camping, and was told by experts near and far my plan was sure to fail.

In May 2015 I bought an old motorcycle and even older sidecar, got my motorcycle license, learned to weld, built a subframe and attached the sidecar to the motorcycle.

In June 2015 I loaded my best friend, Baylor the Dog, into the sidecar and hit the road for Alaska.

400 days , and more than 40,000 miles later, we made it from Alaska to Florida and roundabouts in-between, spent more than 340 nights under the stars and learned that success isn’t about a flawless run, rather defined by the act of trying.

Most of all I want you to know your wild goals are indeed achievable.

Just because you don’t know how, doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Just because it seems impossible now doesn’t mean it is. No matter your age, your dreams can become a reality. It won’t always be easy and oftentimes it won’t even be fun, but it will be a hundred percent worth it.

Trust me.


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Short Film & Book Coming in 2017!

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“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.”

– Nelson Mandela –