Mallory Paige - Rockabilly Wedding

OMD Travelogue | Wedding Interlude Day 23-29

Let me get this straight. You’re traveling the continent with your dog, your older sister is a rockabilly teacher for the blind, and your younger a bonafide cowgirl?

It’s especially rare for girls to feel like they can go out and achieve big, unconventional things. What in your upbringing made you each unique, go-getters?

Taken off guard, I stumble through a response.

As the wedding weekend (congrats Nicole and Jeff!) progresses, through hours of belly laughs and sister time, I keep circling back to this question.

I don’t yet understand all of the contributing factors, but I do know this.

Grandma Lucile showed us what it means to be a pioneer. That with grit, mettle and determination you can take a barren plot and build your dream life.

Grandma Kimble taught us the value of education. That with a thirst for knowledge and ability to find information the world is your oyster.

Grandpa Bub illustrates the importance of connecting with people. That with a positive attitude and helpful nature you can make friends everywhere you go.

Grandpa Bennie showed us what it means to work hard. That with focus and commitment the possibilities are endless.

Mom and Dad teach us the building blocks. That with kindness and passion we can do anything we dream up.

Now if I had a second chance to respond I’d say this,

It comes down to legacy. To valuing and honoring the greatness that came before and to taking seriously the responsibility to inspire greatness in what is to follow.

Here’s to family, by blood or by choice, to embracing your legacy, and to working each day to leave it a bit better than you found it.

Days 23-29 down – wedding interlude complete. Much more OMD to come.

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