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OMD Travelogue | Day 72

Two years ago I gave away everything I owned, traded my Prius for an old VW and hit the road with Baylor. Lacking a strong community, wishing to escape the city, reeling from the unexpected end of an 11-year relationship, it was an easy decision to go on a big adventure.

I think about this as the late morning light bounces across the floor. As Chelsey mans the griddle, turning out pancake after delicious sourdough pancake. As Jason runs around gathering maps, filling water, grabbing supplies, inevitably forgetting a snack as he heads out for an entire day of trekking. As conversation bounces from the best cast iron skillets to the lightest mountain bike forks. As we take turns oohing and aahing over Baylor’s napping cuteness.

Cement cool beneath my feet, sun hot overhead, I sort through boxes. Pull things out of the 4×8 space, fill the truck with clothes, gear and furniture not needed for the foreseeable future. The keepables – totes of fabric, art supplies, and a few family heirlooms – line the back wall, await transport.

Content from a laughter-filled dinner we read ratings, cast our votes and make a selection. Squished onto the couch, sprawled out across the floor, seven people and a dog happily pile into the tiny room for movie night.

Settled into bed, Baylor twitching and dreaming at my feet, I smile at the simple perfection of the day. Marvel at how much change can occur in a couple years.

Now that I’m a part of a thriving community, in a town I adore, surrounded by an exceptionally inspiring, kind, hilarious friend-family it’s no longer an easy decision to go on a big adventure. I love the life I’ve built here. Could easily sink into the comfort of this daily existence. And yet, deep-down, I know I must go. That to fully become the person I envision I must face the unknown, have faith in the strength of our friendship, and take the words of Dale Carnegie to heart:

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

For now the time in Oregon is only a short stopover; a few precious days filled with love and friendship. On Saturday I will load Rufio onto a trailer, clear out the storage unit and drive the mom-loaned truck back to Colorado. And from there we will beeline to Asheville, North Carolina to attend Overland Expo East, to breed courage and conquer fear, to meet and learn from this adventurous community, to go out and get busy.

72 days down. Many to come.

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