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OMD Travelogue | Day 52

I can hardly catch my breath. Laughing so hard my eyes start to water, I stare down at Baylor.

After another night spent peacefully at the idyllic campspot, we’d spent the morning enjoying the mountain beach. Fingers flying on the keyboard, I heard Baylor rustling in the tent. Rearranging the sleeping bag to his exact liking, taking great pleasure in covering every square inch of it with dog before settling in to sleep.

When suddenly a gust of wind hit the tent just right, tipped it straight over.

A giggle slips out as I jog over to check things out.

Looking down into the tent I can’t help but cackle with laughter. Having been soundly asleep, Baylor is an unmoving shape beneath the sleeping bag. I pull the blanket off his face and laugh even harder. He is just looking around in utter confusion at his new position. Doubly confounded by the fact that I’m standing over him laughing like a maniac. I finally pull myself together, upright the tent. Feeling bad for the giggles at his expense, I help recreate the sleeping bag nest. Tuck him in with an extra treat and kiss on the head, go back to work.

Having shared our last can of tuna for lunch, we head into town to restock the provisions. Market stop a success, I call to confirm the Saturday maintenance day. Find out that Friday is now a possibility and jump at the offer. It’s a date, piston schooling on the docket.

Buoyed by this good news, we head back to camp for one more night.

Light quickly fading, I turn to the back of my Clymer. Pistons: pages 105-110. It’s been a long time since I had a late night study session, but I want to be prepared. Be able to understand what’s going on, make the most of my time with Tom, ask smart questions, maximize learning.

Hopefully tomorrow will fix what ails Rufio. Get rid of the clatter. Stop the excessive oil burning. Prepare him to conquer all of North America.

Enveloped in darkness, we snuggle into the tent. Drift to sleep on single cylinder dreams.

52 days down. Many to come.

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