OMD does North America

The Future of OMD

Departing Bend I gripped the handlebars tightly, determined to launch OMD and go after the adventurer I envisioned.

Armed with just 40-hours driving a motorcycle, 10 on the beast now known as Rufio, I knew the challenge of covering more than 5,000 miles would be the best way to find discomfort and fast-track growth.

But I didn’t know that community would be forthcoming. That strangers-turned-to-friends supercharge learning, adventure and joy on the road.

With support, riding to Alaska became less challenging, comfortable even. By standing on the shoulders of great riders and adventurers that came before, OMD could go further, grow faster, inspire more.

What started as an out-and-back adventure has officially changed.

Operation Moto Dog is now going after all of North America. South of the border, all of the provinces, each and every state. It’s big, it’s audacious, it won’t be easy. But it’s undeniably worth it.

Inspired by the stoke I’ve discovered in this rider family, the OMD mission has expanded. In addition to seeking adventure and sharing the daily stories from the road, I’m going to host events in communities across North America and collect stories of moto adventure from riders across the continent.

I want to inspire people young, old, male, female to go for it. To choose happy, seek adventure, bring the stoke. And I want to collect and share stories of adventurers that do just that. Who get off the beaten path, find opportunities in obstacles, embrace life and live with passion.

I won’t be able to do this alone. Along the way we’ll need advice planning routes, picking event communities, finding adventurers to feature. This will be a community supported mission. An opportunity to collectivley share the excitement, lessons, and stories that exist when we connect, grow and adventure.

I’m committed to getting the details organized asap, Baylor is committed to rocking the doggles and eating treats, and Rufio is committed to doing his best to live through it all.

Operation Moto Dog – The North American Chronicles Coming Soon.

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