Mallory Paige Now

Right Now I am…

– Off the road after traveling North America on a motorycle-sidecar with Baylor the Dog for more than a year. It was not an easy decision to stop traveling, but it was the right decision. And thinking it over I realized adventure is not a destination.

– Creating a Short Film & therefore obsessively learning as much as possible about film making.

– Determined to NOT make decisions based on fear or ego. Simple, not easy.

– Wondering about contentment. When I’m on the road a part of me always wants to settle down and when rooted a part longs for freedom. Is anyone ever really content? What percentage of time are happy people actually 100% content?

– Pondering this quote –

“Expectations, not outcomes, govern the happiness of your perceived reality.”
-“DHH” David Heinemeier Hansson

– Reading this, this, this and re-reading this.

– Doing as much of this as possible:
Mallory Paige & Baylor the Dog River

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