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I’d heard tell of this magical Scandinavian land, full of happy folks pedaling to and fro, babies parked securely curbside. Where happiness reigns king.

And while my Danish roots left fond familial impressions, I fully expected to be overwhelmed with the city hustle and bustle and underwhelmed with the city appeal. But something about Copenhagen immediately tugged at my heartstrings and the neighborhood of Nørrebro nudged me straight into head-over-heels love.

Drop your bags at the Sleep in Heaven Hostel, rent one of the hostel’s bikes and you’re set to explore the city.

On Saturday mornings a treasure trove of awesome awaits you at the Nørrebro Flea Market. Nordisk Brødhus is an absolutely divine must for brunch. And if you get to Assistens Cemetery early you can sneak in a morning slack session before paying a visit to the tombs of some famous Danes, including Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard.

The lore is true. You can (and should) bike absolutely everywhere. The people are friendly. The culture rich. Good food, design and beauty plentiful. It’s not cheap, but it is a good value. Don’t go there looking to stretch your dollar the furthest. Do go there looking for swoon-worthy aesthetics, a respect for history combined with an eye for innovation, bike commute inspiration and simple, tasty farm-to-table meals.

Mallory Paige - Copenhagen

Mallory Paige - Copenhagen

Mallory Paige - Nørrebro

Mallory Paige - Copenhagen

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