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Into the Unknown

Piloting a submarine taught me that anything is possible. A broken heart showed me that I possessed deep inner wells of strength. Living and touring in an old van gave me new skills (hello VW maintenance!) and the confidence to just give it a shot. Traveling foreign lands solo bolstered my belief that people are truly good and helpful. I wasn’t actively looking to learn these lessons, they were simply the result of the experience. A by-product of the adventure.

It is with a desire to continue learning and growing that I begin my next adventure – a motorcycle sidecar (with my constant sidekick Baylor the dog) journey to Alaska. Many would say that I shouldn’t do this. That I don’t have enough riding experience, knowledge about bikes or fortitude to undertake such a large trip solo. But it’s not about having a flawless journey. I’m not looking to avoid difficulty at all costs. The hard parts, the obstacles, the moments when you feel like giving up – that’s where growth happens, where you learn what you’re really made of. And so I move along ironing out details. Preparing to head into the unknown.

Wish me luck,
Mallory Danger Paige

I found this note yesterday. It’s only about 18 months old, but it seems like I wrote it a lifetime ago. Before I had a motorcycle or a sidecar. Before I knew how to weld or turn a wrench. Before I’d learned the life-changing value of trusting others and opening yourself up to all life on the road has to offer.

And yet, it’s still so useful and true. Even though the adventure is changing the takeaways do not. And I hope – as we all continue navigating life’s many adventures – we remember. Remember the best moments and lessons are invariably the most unexpected ones. Remember that just because you haven’t doesn’t mean you can’t. Remember that success doesn’t mean perfection and that obstacles are just opportunities to test ourselves.

And most of all, remember to move along.

Embrace the fear.

Head into the unknown.

Happiness: It's Not What You Think It Is.