Mallory Paige Hopes

And Yet, I Hope

Exiting the giant box of all things home improvement, I squinted against the bright midday sun, quickly dug to the bottom of my purse for some much needed sunglasses.

Crossing the hot parking lot, I looked up. Watched from afar as a young woman approached a man. As he walked on past shaking his head, refusing to look at her. Her shoulders slumped, she fought back tears.

Seeing me, she walked over. “Excuse me, could you spare a couple dollars? I just need two more dollars to get a taxi home.

I froze, not knowing what to do.

I realize it’s possible, likely even, that there was no cab ride in this girl’s future. I know the cash could be used for all manner of destructive addictions and sad behaviors.

And yet…

I hope. I hope that if I ever reached out someone would stop. Hope that we haven’t become so disconnected that we’ve forgotten what it is to need a little help. Hope, and even know, that there is goodness in abundance.

I sighed. Smiled. “I bet I have a couple bucks you could have.

She smiled slightly.

I looked at her, “What’s your name?”

“Um, it’s Tori,” she said timidly.

“Well, I’m Mallory, Tori. It’s nice to meet you,” I said looking her in the eye.

She smiled. Looked surprised, “It’s really nice to meet you.”

Fumbling with the zippered wallet, I pulled out a coupled crumpled dollar bills.

I couldn’t know where these would end up. All I could do was hope.

Smiling as she thanked me, I handed it over,

“I hope this helps you get where you need to be.”

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