Growing Up Pains


Growing pains are not just the physical pain from bones expanding, bodies changing. They don’t just happen to the young.

They are the pain we experience with each new adulthood milestone. When we leave our childhood home we are filled with excitement and sadness. As we build our own families we experience a mourning for what was. Each time we must deal, head-on, with all of life’s sticky, hard parts, we wish to be transported to never never land.

These growing up pains are most pronounced when we realize that there is no never never land. When we realize that things have changed. That there is no going back. That we are different people, in different places and so there is no option but to move forward. We have changed. We have grown – pains and all.


I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one that struggles with this whole growing up thing. It seems so basic, so instinctual and yet I find myself grappling with its inevitability.

The nostalgic chamber of my heart yearns to return to the days of yore, to the times filled with fuzzy, warm memories. The pragmatic chamber insists that I must live in the now and that those days of yore never really happened exactly like I remember them anyway. The forward-looking chamber knows that I am building my own life and with that comes uncertainty, but also so much beauty to be discovered. The fourth chamber simply pumps along with the rest, guarded – waiting to see the final outcome before choosing alliances.


I don’t know the answers. All I know is that there is no going back, just forward. For we must set down our own, unique, beautiful roots and grow. Grow into the people we aspire to be. Grow towards our own light. Grow – despite the pains.