Mom & Dad. Your love and support has allowed me to live each moment bravely and boldly. You never once doubted I could do anything I set my mind to and for that I’m endlessly grateful.

Nicole & Kelsey. The very thought of you makes me smile. I couldn’t ask for kinder, funnier, more impressive women to call my sisters.

Grandma Kimble, Grandpa Bennie, Grandma Lucile, Grandpa Bub. You showed me the value of leaving a legacy worth being proud of; a lesson I aim to fulfill everyday.

Jason and Chelsey. You taught me what it means to be a dirtbag & I’ve never been the same since. Honored to be the second-wife/sister-wife any day of the week. Love you.

Zombie Apocalypse Team. I rock the open road knowing you’ve got my back; wholly confident we’ll dominate when the zombies arrive.

DIY Cave, My Can-Do Community. Rufio would not exist if not for your support, workspace and expertise. You believed in OMD before it even existed and that made all the difference.

Hell Yeah Prince George Community – with special thanks to Sue and Lisa. Your outpouring of support gave us the courage to carry on and jump into communities across the continent.

OMD Founding Supporters. You kept us going when obstacles seemed insurmountable. We could not have made it this far without you.

Alaskan Stronghold – Jack, Tom, Wendy, Burke, Jeff, Dotty, Jimmy, Charlie & the Anderson Clan, Nathan, Melissa, Dean, Becky, Tom, Sonia, Scott, Gale, Hannu, Darlene & all the rest. You took a chance on this wacky trio and forever changed the course of the adventure. You towed us across the state, helped heal Rufio, showed us a good time, gave us a place to sleep, fed us tasty meals, shared stories, taught lessons, spoiled Baylor and became life-long friends. The road calls, but we’ll be back.

To all the readers, riders, fans, & travelers that email, stop for a chat, smile, wave, and send words of encouragement, you keep us motivated to get back on the road each and everyday. Thank you.