Felt Peacock Headband


Headbands are the perfect go-to hair accessory. They’re easy to put on, work with your hair up or down, and can be dressy or casual. This project does take a bit of hand sewing, but is definitely simple enough for a beginner seamstress.

1. Print the pattern (provided below). Trace the pieces onto freezer paper and cut out.


2. Place freezer paper plastic side down on a stack of 2-3 pieces of felt. Press for 4 seconds with your iron. Once the freezer paper is sticking, hold the stack of felt together and cut out the shape. I cut out 20 pieces in various sizes.

* You can also skip the freezer paper – just cut out the printed shapes and hold to the felt while you cut around the shape.


3. Here are the cut out pieces.


4. Lay them out in the pattern you prefer. Once you’re happy with the design, use fabric glue to stick them in place.


5. Trim around the design.


6. Stitch around the edges of the shapes.


7. Once you’re finished sewing, place on another piece of felt and trace.


8. This piece will cover the tied off thread ends. Place the pieces together and stitch around the edges.


9. Place a line of glue along your headband and press the backside of the felt to it. Allow to dry.


10. For added security, stitch around the headband. Be sure to only stitch through the backside layer of felt, so that your stitches don’t show through on the front.




Download the pattern:


As always, leave any questions in the comments. Thanks!