I’ve got the perfect weekend project for you today. It’s quick, easy, and makes use of things lying around the house. And the end result is so cute and multifunctional that you’ll want to make a yarn wrapped jar for every room in the house.

You’ll need yarn, Mod Podge or glue of some sort, and jars or cans to wrap.


Spread some glue on the lower part of your jar or can.


Begin wrapping the yarn around and around. Getting the yarn started on the bottom is the trickiest part. It’s best to let the bottom loop dry and adhere completely before you continue – this will keep the bottom loop from pulling up. Just continue wrapping and adding glue until you’ve reached the top. Cut the yarn when completed and simply glue down to hide the end.


Can you even believe that this started as a plain can? Me neither. It’s pretty awesome how transformative a bit of yarn and glue can be.


They make great vases, pencil holders, or candle holders – and I’m sure so much more.


What uses can you think of for a yarn wrapped jar?