The sun has been shining (in September in Seattle!) and I’ve been trying to spend every possible moment outside. I was feeling the pull to get some of my creative energy out, though, so I decided I needed a quick, cute, easy project. And boy does this necklace deliver. It doesn’t take a lot of supplies, time, or effort, but you end up with a fun, unique necklace.

You’ll need flatback rhinestones, glue, a necklace chain, jump ring, and a pendant. All of these supplies can be found at a bead/jewelry store. The pendant is simply a lightweight metal cutout and cost about a dollar.


Add glue to the back of the rhinestones and apply to the pendant. If using super glue, take care not to glue your fingers together or the pendant to your work surface.


Once the glue has dried, open the jump ring and attach it your pendant.


Attach the jump ring to your necklace chain and press closed. And that’s it! I told you this project was super quick. Your new necklace is now ready to wear/give/admire.