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Death of a Wildcat & Endless Goodluck

Hanging up the phone. She sighed, looked at me, Wildcat is dead.

Steph’s old VW was fun. And unreliable. And now here it was leaving her stranded in Oregon, when she needed get some 500 miles north back home to her kiddo and yoga studio by the very next day.

We thought about it. Laid in the sun and watched Chelsey organize garage sale items.

Then it came to me. I looked at Steph, Hey, I’ve got the truck. How about we rent a trailer and haul it across the border?

We called the moving store, grinned at each other. This is perfect. We’re so lucky the truck is here and a trailer is available.

And while we’re at it, we can deliver the motorcycle to Erik on our way. We smiled. Perfect.

Pulling into the uhaul parking lot, we waved at the rental man. Popping open the electric on the hitch, he looked at us, That’s not the right type of attachment. You’ll need an adapter.

We sighed. Looked across the street, back at each other. I bet we can find one there.

Pulling onto the highway we smiled, How lucky was that? The hardware store had exactly what we needed.

Racing daylight, we made it uneventfully through Seattle. Kept on trucking. Until suddenly traffic came to a halt.

We sighed. Inched along and googled options.

Pulling into the busy parking lot, we laughed, How lucky are we? Finding a great sushi place nearby. And coffee, too. Perfection.

Crossing into BC we let out a whoop, We did it!

And what’s more we had fun.

Not because it was easy. Not because the day was smooth. Not because everything went our way. But because we chose to.

We very well could’ve spent the day complaining about the breakdown. Getting angry at mechanics, frustrated at traffic, pissed about the aggravation of it all. It would’ve been easy. And it was tempting.

But it wouldn’t have changed the circumstances. It simply would’ve ruined the fun of the moment.

The trip was filled with annoyances, prompted entirely by an unplanned, stressful obstacle. But that’s not what I remember about this day. What I remember is the laughter and the fun. The friendship and the adventure. The intentional decision to see and appreciate the good.

And I hope I remember this next time things don’t go my way. When things are slow and frustrating. Challenging and off-kilter.

We get a choice. We can fixate on the negative. Or we can appreciate the good.

We can take the cards we’ve been dealt and bemoan the unfairness of it all. Or we can shuffle them into a winning hand.

Laugh more and give it our all.

See the good. And choose happy.

Because really, How lucky are we?


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