Mallory Paige gets Chickens

Circling Round

I thought life was supposed to be direct. Had been taught the path should be linear and efficient. But that didn’t match my experience or interests.

I wanted to dabble. To experience more. To have the ability to dive deep into a subject, absorb as much as possible and then move onto the next with just as much passion and excitement. I wanted to learn it all, see it all, try it all.

This used to keep me up at night. The worry I needed to commit to one thing. The fear I would never find a single passion that would become my life forever and always.

It took me three decades, 50 states, 5 countries, thousands of miles and hundreds of books to realize life is more circular than straight. More rambling criss-cross than quick movement from point a to b.

Learning something and then moving on is no reason for despair. Knowledge is never wasted. It irreversibly changes who you are and shapes your perspective.

We circle round and pick up what we’d left behind. Get a second chance. Do it better, smarter, easier armed with the knowledge and experience of the past. We zig and zag. End up back where we were, but somewhere completely new. The same, but different.

Or at least that’s what I’ve found with chickens.

In another life, in the bustling city of Seattle, I became obsessed with self-sufficiency. Riding my bike to the farmers market, researching urban gardening, practicing DIY, scouring the library for books on all things handmade. I went so far as to buy grains grown in Washington, grinding them into fresh flour from which fresh, yeasty bread was born.

I planted a garden and cared for chickens. Dreamed of land, space, and a self-sufficient homestead. Until one day I sold everything I owned and moved into van.

It seemed those skills and knowledge were wasted. But they weren’t.

I just needed time. To travel further down the road. To follow some twists and turns.

To arrive in the here and now. Holding 25 peeping chicks. Laughing at their antics. Smiling at the the circuitous nature of it all. Putting all that time, effort and knowledge to good use.

So even if the path isn’t clear in this moment, I urge you not to worry. Learning is never wasted. Sometimes you just need to circle back around.

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