Mallory First Highline

Fall Five Times, Get Up Six

There are times when you have to just force yourself to get out there. Force yourself to keep going (even when you think everyone else has it figured out). You're not sure what progress is being made and you sometimes hate it while it's happening. This is true of life and of highlining. The first [...]

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Why Leaping before Thinking Leads to Awesomeness

How often do you leap before thinking? Conventional wisdom will warn you not to do it. Will tell you you should think through all the angles first. Play it safe. Look before you leap. But you know what can happen when you do that? Nothing. All your precautionary thinking makes you afraid to take a [...]

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Surging Ahead Despite Imperfection

Remember when we talked about all the mistakes that lead to finally getting good at something? I've been thinking more about that and how just the fear of mistakes can stop me from progressing. How the quest for perfection can often freeze me in my tracks. You see, when I'm worried about sewing everything just [...]

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