5-Minute Painted Jars


This project seriously takes less than 5 minutes (not counting drying/curing time) and adds an instant color pop to any room. I’m using mine to organize art supplies, but they also make really great vases or display glass.

You’ll need jars in the shapes and sizes of your choosing and glass paint. I used Pebeo turquoise glass paint and found it at a local art supply store. You should be able to find glass paint in most craft stores.


Pour paint (approximately 3 teaspoons worth, depending on your jar size) into the side of the jar. Pouring it into the side will keep it from pooling at the bottom of the jar. Using a sponge brush, cover the inside of the jar in paint. Use even strokes in a circular pattern around and around the jar until it is covered to your liking.


That’s it! Now just let it dry and cure according to your package directions. The paint I used dries for 24 hours and then gets baked in the oven to completely seal it and make it waterproof and dishwasher safe.


I really like how these jars look textured up close in the right light, but solidly-colored from afar. It’s like a hidden little treat only for those paying close attention to the details.