May 2012

Bejeweled Epoxy Pendant

Remember when we used epoxy clay to make this ring? I really liked how easy epoxy clay was to use, but didn't absolutely love the end result. Well, I've done some experimenting and realized the magic trick to a show-stopping result. With epoxy clay, more is better. It's better to fill every possible space with [...]

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This, That, and Some Artwork

Doubts can take over, if I'm not careful. They're like big, dark clouds rolling in from a distance. They loom and threaten. They shift and move unpredictably. They tell me this unconventional path won't work. They tell me I should get a "real" job, stop my dreaming, and grow up. They tell me all about [...]

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Reversible Cloth Napkins

We like using cloth napkins in our house, since they not only create less waste, but look pretty and feel luxurious. Plus, making your own is one of the simplest sewing projects. It's all straight-line sewing and the small size means they're quick to make. Feel free to make a bunch of matching napkins or [...]

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