February 2012

T-Shirt Necklace (Step-by-Step)

Have any t-shirts around that you don't really wear anymore? Looking for a fun, no-sew project to use up those t-shirts? Don't have any t-shirts to use, but willing to visit the thrift store for a couple? Ready to reclaim an old shirt? Well, I've got just the project for you. I like accessories - [...]

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Dog Cookies

Baylor loves treats. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have learned any tricks or basic commands if not for his love of a reward - preferably a cookie reward. Sure you can buy dog treats, but it's much more fun to make your own. Baylor likes to sit in the kitchen waiting for any cookie dough [...]

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The Creative Esteem Cycle

We think of creating as just the physical end - the pillow sewn, the cake baked, the wall painted - when in reality it's so much more. Using your own hands to make something, anything, has the power to change your life for the better. This may sound radical. It may seem impossible that knitting [...]

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