September 2011

Highs and Lows

Do you ever struggle with moments where you aren't living in the present moment? You're looking excitedly to the future? Or perhaps you're fixating on the past? Or maybe you're just stuck in that place of feeling anxiety-ridden and not able to move out of it? Yeah, I have those times, too. And when I'm [...]

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You Are Not Alone: Five Powerhouse Ladies Tell the Truth About Anxiety

Sometimes when anxiety is rearing it's nasty head I just want to curl up in the fetal position and hide from the world. I feel restless for no apparent reason and keep putting things off because I just can't focus, which often just compounds my worried feelings. For a long time I thought I was [...]

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Do You Suffer From These False Beliefs?

Like I said before, there are four barriers or false beliefs that often leave people stuck - unable to find their joy, unable to move forward, unable to live up to their full potential. As is explained in The Big Leap these false beliefs hold your upper limit problem in place and cause you to [...]

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