Dear Readers, Riders & Adventurers,

Before Operation Moto Dog (OMD) I’d never driven a motorcycle, had little camping experience and no engine knowledge. All I had was a vision of the adventurer I wanted to become – a courageous motorcycle rider and woman of the wilds. The kind of person willing to take on a challenge in order to grow and learn.

Working with a small budget, I bought an old KLR650 and even older sidecar, took a welding class, learned metalworking, and attached the motorcycle and sidecar.

Three days later, I loaded up my sidekick and best friend, Baylor the Dog, named the motorcycle-sidecar Rufio, and hit the road for Alaska. Stubbornly, optimistically, determined to become the person I envisioned.

I was prepared for challenges as we rode North – and there were many. What I never imagined is the sincere goodness that exists on the road. That an entire community would come together and demonstrate social media at its best, that roadside saviors would come to the rescue in the middle of nowhere Yukon, that strangers would turn to friends and that so many people would come along for the adventure – sending support, encouragement and love from around world.

This changed everything. Morphed a simple Oregon to Alaska trip into a life-changing mission to visit all of North America – every US state, each Canadian province & Mexico. To collect stories of the goodness that exists across the continent and to inspire others to live their dreams. The journey is indeed the destination and I hope you come along for the ride.

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And, if nothing else, I hope you remember…

You have a choice.
Every obstacle is an opportunity.
Choose Happy. Seek Adventure.

Mallory Danger Paige